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Land-Art-Generator Design Initiative Dubai

Dubai is quickly becoming one of the most lavish cities in the world, always opposing the natural almost inhabitable surroundings. Constantly taking and consuming energy, water, and resources. All this is possible by the infinite resources of money extracted out of the finite amounts of oil. But the long tidal wave of endless spending seems to be ending. After Dubai’s real estate collapse and the results, we’ve seen we propose a different approach for Dubai’s aspirations as a laboratory for globalized culture. To show a possible alternative approach we take on the task for this ideas competition for a Land Art Generator in Dubai.

Art is something different to every place and region; it is born out of appreciation and acknowledgment of history and current surroundings. Art is more than just eye candy for real estate megalomania. If Dubai is trying to become a cultural mecca of the world, it has to realize, that culture grows like trees, you can’t buy it! Art has to be constantly nourished and it takes patience to develop. We propose to generate land, to build a real forest, a Tree-zoo in the middle of the desert, created without fresh water nor additional energy. The time that it takes for the trees of the forest to grow, represent the time that Dubai will need to fulfil its wish. Our proposal is a living and breathing sculpture for the city and its ambition.
By implementing a simple technique where naturally recycled grey water turns desert into a forest we can contribute to the healing of the land of desertification. It is also a statement for the world that Dubai understands the supreme responsibility of our time to provide the solution for a future after the petrol era.
For millenniums in Arabian regions and other arid areas all over the world cities have utilized a traditional system to carry fresh water from mountains to cities. This system is called “falaj” also known as qanat. The cities in the desert could grow by harvesting water with this system. Nowadays this traditional way of reliance has vaporized. Today cities generate water and energy from fossil fuels. We propose a conversion of the traditional system to reverse the flow, so that the city gives back to nature what it once relied upon. Our intent is to generate nature rather than to consume it.




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